Thursday, 5 March 2009

...pick the right t-shirt in this war!
I wear medium Ben's t-shirt since the first time o saw Ben Linus on Lost. I strongly believe that he is the best thing ever happened to Lost.

And something totally random and out of the blue. Don't you think that Ben Linus looks like Thom Yorke??!!

And to spice it up a bit , i'm gonna add a third Ben and Thom look alike person: Tilda Swinton :s



Observer said...

efire me to last comparison :D

k egw yposthrizw Ben mesa mesa fiati einai h pio megalh poytana se series ever! :P

o albert einai o anwteros diaxronikh a3ia :)

Nadsat Orange said...

ekana misi ora na psaxno mia photo tis Tilda Swinton pu na moiazei ke stous 2! lol

dld foras ke su mplouzaki ben?

mian aporia gia ton albert...kanei skip ston hrono i ine athanatos???

Observer said...

prepei na einai fash a8anatos alla pote den 3ereis...

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