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Friday, 13 March 2009


I can't understand Japanese, but i can feel when i listen to his music. Craig Eley over at Cokemachineglow described Shugo Tokumaru this way: “Listening to Shugo is like watching a foreign film with the subtitles off'', and you are able to understand what's happening, i would like to add. Shugo flew under my randar about 4 months ago, when i discovered him on Hypemachine, and i really felt in love with his music. I remember that i tried to learn the lyrics of ''parachute'' and i recorded a video (me singing in fluentrly japanese) on facebook which i sent to my friends Helena's and Georgia's inboxes. My friends were proud of me! (lol). Then i listened to ''EXIT'' (Shugo's third album) which i can characterize it by using all the adjectives i wrote at the beginning. I get obsessed with pop savant Shugo who is undoubtedly a genius musician. He weaves seemingly simplistic melodies together into a wonderful cacophony and he creates pure musica buena!!

Listen to him talking sweetly about his music in the following video. Tokumaru explains his songs are born of his dream (how cute). Beirut members are also saying the best about Shugo (oh Yes). Watch here:

Shugo inspired me to take about 1000 photos of my recently ''12-weirdos''Playmobil collection , that i got from ebay, and make a video of his dreamy song 'Green Rain''.
Here is my video. I hope you like it. ^_^
In case you are wodering i brought those tiny glowing sticks from Venezuela.

Here you can enjoy more of Shugo's songs:


I dedicate all the cute, wonderful and unique songs of Shugo, to a wonderful, cute and unique couple from Thailand (forgot to mention stylish). If you haven't discovered Boboniaas's photostream on Flickr yet, then you're in for a pleasant surprise. My favorite set is of course ★Wadrobe Diary★. Boboniaa and Myydi prove us that is really cool to be cool with your other half. Αpart from that they give us some style lessons.

They are truly adorable:

Give always your lover the chance to be creative...<3>


MARINOS said...

τι όμορφα πράγματα μας χάρισες σήμερα!

και το βιντεάκι που έφτιαξες πολύ καλό (και θαυμάω την υπομονή σου να το φτιάξεις, γιατί φαίνεται πως κρύβει αρκετή δουλειά!) αλλά και η πρόταση σου για τις φωτος από το ζευγάρι από τη Θαϊλάνδη μου άρεσε πολύ!


Δημιουργία! Το καλύτερο φάρμακο της ψυχής!

Nadsat Orange said...


xairomai pou sou arese to video...vasika den exei kopo, eixa tin idea kai to teliosa se ena apogeuma! 1000 photos kai editing sto sony vegas program that you can download the trial from the web. boreis episis na kaneis omorfa kai pio simple videakia sto movie maker ton windows...

to zeugari apo tin Thailand ine truly axiolatreuto!

kai indeed i dimiourgia kai i dimiourgikotita einai spoudaia pragmata!

filia xx


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