Thursday, 5 March 2009

In the film 'The Wackness, Ben Kingsley as a psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Squires gives some advice to young Luke . He says: "Never trust anyone who doesn't like the beach. Never ever ever trust anyone who says they don't like dogs." I think he's got a point, but i would also like to add, never trust anyone who doesn't enjoy MUSIC.

Today i have been listening to Workout Holiday by White Denim. I was in mood for it! Sadly i haven't seen the album in any of the lists with the best albums of 2008. At least was included in mine!! I can decribe the album with three words: "magnificent" and "instant classic".

I went to see them live. I arrived a bit earlier to buy a band t-shirt, but i was told that they weren't accepting credit cards, so i went out to get some cash from an ATM. Outside there was a group of young guys and one of them had asked me, if i was leaving. Because i went all alone, to the gig, i avoided to reply (my mum once told me not to talk to strangers)! When i came back i realised that the guy who made the question was James Petralli (the band's frontman). I felt well embarrased, but didn't lose the chance to get my album (that i bought the day before) signed, by all the band's members and aside them for a brief chat.

They couldn't believe that they have a fan from Cyprus. When i asked them to sign the album they told me: ''Are you Joking us''?? ''No, I don't''. He went on to mention that thiat was their first major tour and though they were playing to bigger crowds opening for Tapes n' Tapes than they would on their own and that crowds ,had been receptive so far, but they didn't come acrossed in a case like mine, asking them to sign their debut album. I felt a bit proud (hahah). The guys were fun, they mentioned that Joshua Block – the drummer- had his birthday, so you sang him happy birthday. Joshua considered the two birthday kisses i gave him as a birthday gift!! hehehe! It was time for the band to get ready, and for me to buy my t-shirt, so we went all upstairs!

I left with that satisfied feeling of seeing a great band live, a band which combine the gooddies of Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth and The Strokes.

White Denim, Photo by Me

My album Workout Holiday signed by the Trio of White Denim-Photo by me

Me and Steve Terebecki (vocals, drums), Steve was wearing an ace t-shirt of Crizzy Bear. I was jealous. Photo by James Petralli (LOL)

James Petralli, me, Joshua Block, unknown man with beard from Texas. Photo by Steve Terebecki (LOL AGAIN)'s easy to notice that Steve sucks as photographer!


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