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Sunday, 29 March 2009

It's all well and good looking at beautiful art and listening to good indie music, but every now and again you've got to wake up, recognize it's a Sunday and go internet hunting for something special, something really sweet and surprising!

I have to say the beauty of a child's mind ,never ceases to amaze me.I would advice you to bring some popcorn and enjoy the breathtaking story by French, 4 years old Capucine! Starring baby monkeys that get lost in frightening trees, a witch, crocodiles, a tiger, a "popotamus" and a lion, and even a "tremendously very bad mammoth". There are also magic powers and an orange ring, but sometimes, "something goes amiss". Enjoy!

"they did not even take the train"
"boxes of animals that were poor"
''allergies to magic''
how did you not crack up?

I really watch that video so many times that i started to memorize it!

Behind Capucine is of course a great mum, who has set up a project in order to raise money for Edurelief, a development organization based in Mongolia, who helps providing school books to Mongolian kids, so Capucine's popularity has been put to a good use! I really want to buy one of those Capucine t-shirts.

for him for her

Capucine has also a Flickr Photostream! She is a little star

I discovered Maya a month ago and i was so happy that i shared her videos on facebook. This morning though i got a similar surprise by the name of Maya. In this video little sweetheart Maya eulogizes her dead fish in the toilet. It might sound like the darndest thing, but you should listen the whole eulogy. Maya's way ahead of a lot of us.
In opposition to Capucine's mum, Maya's Mum appears to be a bit retarded.How hard is it to make up a few words about a dead fish dammit???!!!(lol). The best part is when the retarded mom says "We love you" and Maya just goes "LOVED you."

Please be as amazing as the child above. If you are not. You fail. Simple. Oh I jest.


Francisco Blanco said...

Coño que bella Maya dios es adorable, amo a los niños son lo maximo...dulces pequeñas cositas como tu mi vida ...me encanto este post ... lov u

Francisco Blanco said...

Capuccine....wao que bolas la niña, la pequeña Amelie, es sencillamente genial, la amo y que proyecto tan bueno tienen ...esa niña me recordaba a ti de pequeña jejeje

Nadsat Orange said...

hey culin son maravillosas y es verdad que capucine es una pekenin amelie!!

Francisco Blanco said...

Si tienes mucha razon pequeña nadsat, es una niña prodigio y muy astuta, parece que fuera hija tuya .... que interesante similitud jeje ... love u

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