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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I'm finding it rather difficult to update at the moment. That would be due to my lack of free time. I am not telling that i don't have free time at all, but this week i prefer spending my free time sleeping instead of doing anything else. Bah Humbag!

The last hour though i'm sitting in front of my laptop waiting my flatmate and my friend George to go for a dinner to a friend's house and some interesting things caught my eye.

Oh to be the letter F. It definitely is the letter of the moment. I found Ffffound.com few months ago, when i was reading the Time's article about the 50 best Websites of 2008! Ffffound! is a website for collecting and sharing images from the web, like old dog Flickr , but for other people's pictures. It's really fun exploring this page, quite addictive though! I keep all the interesting photos, illustrations in a folder on my laptop and i have saved about 5000 pieces so far!

That why i love FFFFOUND! for stuff like this one

The cassette tape Jimmy Hendrix reminded me the photos i took my friends in front of the Jimmy Hendrix poster i have on room's wall! Here is Sen Hithgodapitiyegedara as Jimmy (say his surname if you dare) :)

Cool Sen <3>I have to save this as a draft cause i have to goooo!...

...Here I am again:
Today Mashallah Design and Linda Kostowski based in Berlin came into my spotlight! I was amazed by their digital portraits t-shirt project. Take look at this piece

This amazing t-shirt was made by scanning human bodies and using the data to create sewing patterns. The human form is turned into 3D patterns of polygons, which are then turned into 2D files and used to laser cut fabric! Awesome!

I became far more fascinated with what the pair of Mashallah Design and Linda Kostowski were up to as individuals rather than collectively. Mashallah has some interesting and fresh ideas especially in the realms of wallpapers.

I was surprised though when i discovered Kostowski's blog ''realfakewatches''. The idea is witty, unique and therefore brilliant. Realfakewatches are wristwatches that only work for one minute every day (it'd rather say that they show the correct time only once every, twice for analog ones). The good thing is that you can pick what time your watch will say! I want mine! ^_^
Take a look at this
That's all folks for today! bye ^_^

happy birthday bro mu
happy birthday Lucio mu
love you love love you <3>


Francisco Blanco said...

muy tripa y very interesting things,
... lov u .... amo tus cosas

Nadsat Orange said...

yooo tambienn mi culiflaco

Francisco Blanco said...

jejjee .... culiflaco

Observer said...

when my watch's battery runs out, i keep wearing it until it magically turns into a realfakewatch :P

Nadsat Orange said...

chris u are funny!!! hehehehe

Observer said...

-The Moon.


Nadsat Orange said...

U R RIGHT! epeireazei!lol

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