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Monday, 16 March 2009

Diarios de Lucio (photo by me)

Diarios de Motocicleta ( Gael Garcias Bernal as joung Ernesto Guevara)

Things are likely to be quite busy this week, but be excited! Monday for me it's a good day though, because i have a day off! I slept for 13 hours straight last night. I couldn't believe how tired i was.

Monday is a good day to remember good movies and good movie soundtrack. For example today i was listening to the soundtrack of the Impeccable film of Walter Salles ''Motorcycle Diaries''. This soundtrack was on our stereo when we were crossing the jungles with Fran in Venezuela. Is the exact kind of music which is amazing to hear when you are traveling, and when you want to relax and not let the outside world bother you (especially when you are in traffic)! Gustavo Santaolalla who's responsible for more movie soundtrack masterpieces like ''21 Grams'', ''amores perros'' ''Brokeback Mountain'',etc, scored in this film as well. The album won the BAFTA award for Best Film Music, and the last track of the album ''Al Otro lado del Rio'' won the Oscar for Best Original Song. (even though it's not my favorite)

here are my two instant classic favorites:

You can listen samples of the rest of the album tracks here.

The opposite of work is of course play, and it's not bad at all to play even if you are 23, 32, or 320. This Monday deserves a playful mood. So i called my friend Lucio -who happens to look alike to Gael Garcia Bernal-to go for a walk. Me and Savvas for a walk means only two things: Fun and Joy.

Day's Highlights:

1)Me: Had blackcurrant muffin with white chocolate
Lucio: Chocolate muffin

photo by me

2)The beautiful blond girl, with the beautiful slim legs, with the beautiful blue electric jacket who was waiting someone for ages and he/she has never shown up! (poor thing).

Photo by me

3)Lucio's socks

Photo By Me

4)These funny reflections in Lucio's ace sunglasses

Photo By me

5) Lucio has i-phone, which means that we had internet access, which means that i could listen to my new obsession 1901 from the upcoming album of The Phoenix! The song it's so catchy that can easily drive you crazy. J'aime cette chanson beaucoup! J' adore Phoenix!! (duh, for me trying to speak french). I suck, i know! :)

6) When we were called artists by a passing man, the moment i stepped on Lucio!

Photo By Me

7) Lucio-Pacman

Photo By me

8) This photo with my name initials at the background. Obviously my name is not Nadsat Orange!

Photo by Me

9) All the photos i took Lucio aka Gael today:

We seized the day...

Photo by Lucio

...and it felt so good!


Francisco Blanco said...

Que maravillas de fotos naranja mia, realmente entre las imagenes y las palabras hacen de este el mejor blog .... la amo seƱorita

unshaved bastard. said...

Amazingly beautiful.
Hello, there.

Nadsat Orange said...

gracias snr Franco. lo tuyo me gusta mucho mucho mas. No joda papa! hehe

thank u unshaved b. and welcome


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