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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Have a nice month!

It's spring, but nothing seems to change in Albion Land. The weather is not getting better. Evenings are still not to be spent outdoors, and this 'inside' winter mentality is not passing. I really don't mind because i love winter, that's why i chose to stay one more year to England. And if you take a look at Ian Aleksander Adams' project you' ll see how beautiful being stuck inside can be.

I love staying in on Sundays. I usually go to church which is 10 meters away from my flat, and it would be such a shame if i couldn't get my arse out of the bed, but today i didn't go. I woke up at 14:33 and since then i'm wondering in the house with my short pants, shoeless and sockless which is something that annoys my dearest flatmate and she keeps telling me to wear at least some socks.

I love my flatmate not only because she really cares about me, but also cause she has the biggest collection of dvds. Many days ago i realized that are lot the movies of Johnny Depp, that i haven't seen yet, so i decided to start watching them today. It was while watching the opening sequence to Jim Jarmusch's 1995 Dead man, that I realised I knew little to nothing about the Belgian-born French painter, journalist, and poet Herni Michaux. It is in the opening shots where Jarmusch quotes Michaux, "It is preferable not to travel with a dead man." Michaux has been called a Surrealist by many, that was because he certainly showed an interest in the likes of Chirico and Dali, some of what he had to say shows perhaps he was interested in it simply for what it wasn't, "The Surrealist supernatural is a bit predictable, but given the choice between supernatural and anything else, I would have no hesitation. Long live supernatural'', but he though was avoiding any classification.

I really have to go earlier to Waterstones now, but until then i found this page with quotes by Herni Michaux. I truly loved this man.

I loved dead Man...i adored the soundtrack...

...and to be totally honest i miss the sun of Caracas. It would be better spending my afternoon in the park of Chorros reading NME, while my boyfriend is taking photos, only in my dreams i could take. Goodbye winter, hello spring! <3


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