Where the Great Things Are

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Goodness me, 2009 is shaping up to be an exciting year for cinema! A month ago My friend Jud pointed me in the direction of the brand new poster for the Where The Wild Things Are movie. The only thing i could say was OMG WTF FTW YES!! As i never read the book, I was totally excited for this movie, and this poster was just the first reason.

You might probably know that Spike Jonze has dropped the official movie trailer just yesterday. Fisrt was the poster and now an amazing outstanding movie trailer. One of the most exciting things about this trailer is the fact that Arcade Fire has lent one my favorite tune ''Wake up'', to make the trailer. Few months ago Neon Bible track 'My Body Is A Cage' was heard on the trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button!

The trailer + Arcade Fire + Magic + Nostalgia makes me miss my adorable nieces and my boyfriend even more! Here is the second part of the video i promised to post long time ago! My nieces rock!

a race my case!! ^_^


MARINOS said...

Δεν είχα ιδέα για την ταινία! Αλλά φαίνεται πολύ ενδιαφέρουσα!

Θα ακολουθήσω την εισήγησή σου να την δω!

Observer said...

yeap looks promising 8a prospa8hsw na diavasw to vivlio prin dw thn tainia omws giati synh8ws great books get ruined into movies!

Nadsat Orange said...

xairomai Marino mou!!

kai polla kala tha kameis chris mou! exoume arketo xrono mexri na vgei i tainia na diavasoume to book! os ton December ehei o Theos !! hehehe

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