Oh My God! They Killed Kermit!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

So much for spring, I awoke to sun (wow). I also awoke with a desire to eat a mix-flavor ice-cream. But i had to go to work.

I just had my mix-flavor Häagen-Dazs ice cream while watching this great re-mix by a dude call Faroff. It's a combination of The Beatles' ''Get Back'', LCD Soundsystem’s “Daft Punk Is Playing at My House” and—briefly—The Kinks' “You Really Got Me.” The video editing is amazing, but the song itself blew my mind!

What else blew my mind today? Oh yes the Muppet Madness at Paris Fashion Week: Legend Fashion designer (in my opinion) Jean-Charles De Castelbajac (JC/DC) took inspiratin from Kermit the Frog in his fun-filled autumn/winter 09 collection. Kermit wasn't though the only iconic to grace the collection: Models also were wearing similar styles covered in the faces of Andy Warhol,Clint Eastwood and Michael Jackson (that's what i want for Xmas-request in Advance)! I guess sometimes it's more important to have fun than be shy, posh and sensible! And Moreover Financial Fuck-up , so it’s great to know you can still get a Kermit-skin coat if you want it!!!

aww Kermit

A million dollar dress

I'll be wearing this on Mike's concert!

Talking about financial Bill Gates is the world's richest man again with $US40 billion. I heard he was singing Karaoke the new Royksopp song ''Happy Up Here''. That would be fun, that would be inspiring. That never happened! :(

Be funny today *_*


Observer said...

amazing mashup amazing space invaders clip if only they were real :)

pou tous favourite video mixers (meta apo esena fysika :D )einai oi eclectic method it's been a while since i last checked there site but i'm sure they keep doing a great job

you really got me going <3

Observer said...

they still are :P

gia to fashion part ena protimousa na skotwnan ton miky para ton kermit :)

Nadsat Orange said...

chris mu eisai agapis opos lalei kai mia agapimeni fili mu!

eimai polla sad gt ola ta kala programmata pu eiha na kamno video itan trial kai elixen i prothesmia mu, so emeina me to movie maker! duhhhhhhh! hhehehehe

thelo to sony vegassss!!! ontos einai teleioi! to remix ta spaei pu lete ke stin ellada! o idios sxediastis btw eskotosen to mickey se proigoumeni collection tou! hehehe...

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