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Monday, 2 March 2009

Glasvegas-Photos By Me

The NME Awards Tour kicks off in Birmingham (29/01), as all four bands (Glasvegas, Friendly Fires, White Lies. Florence and The Machine) raise their game in a bid to be the best...but in the nicest possible way of course!
Florence and The Machine-Photos By Me

I wasn't looking forward to seeing Glasvegas ,because i've seen them last year supporting Paul weller at KOKO (London), but i was thrilled about seing Florence and the Machine and Friendly Fires on Stage. Let me say NME that you had the whole order of bands on the Shockwave NME awards wrong, and the order of bands from best to worst was definetely: Friendly Fires, Florence and the machine, White Lies, Glasvegas.

Friendly Fires-Photos By Me

White Lies messed up 'Death' which basically was unforgivable. But then again i can't stop loving them because are the new Joy Division (no doubt). Frorence thought was really fun. The girl is an absolute star in the making , is a bundle of energy who keept the crowd utterly captivated and beguiled. Her main weapon is her perfectly powerful voice, which really made the hairs stood up, particularly on the majestic 'Dog Days Are Over'. And the rest of the new songs sounds really promising.

White Lies-Photos By Me

And finally Friendly Fires took the prize. They put everybody in such a good mood. Singer Ed Macfarlane is a crazy performer. I considered him to be more shy, but he isn't. They were totally adorable. Glasvegas thought, were so dreadful. They had only one good performance for Geraldine that made me cry (i was surprised by myself), but they trully they mesmerized me, but the whole appearance had nothing to do with their appearance last year at KOKO. And they are one of my favorite band, and their debut album was one of my favorite albums of 2008.
I made them a video long time ago for 'It's my own cheating heart that makes my cry' .

I tryly love them, even though i can't get over the fact that James was unbelievably arrogant in an episode (Series 22 Episode 5) of Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Here is a vid-summary of the concert (camera and editing by me)


MARINOS said...

To blog σου με έχει ΚΑΤΕΝΘΟΥΣΙΑΣΕΙ!

Τώρα που σε ανακάλυψα θα με συναντάς τακτικότατα στις γειτονιές σου!

Nadsat Orange said...

thanks Marino...ke to diko su den paei piso..ego eimai follower sto diko su exei meres!! ^_^

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