Monday Night : Everything's Just Wonderful

Monday, 23 March 2009

About a month ago i received on my Birthday an amazing present from my beloved friend Lucio: a ticket for the concert of Lily Allen!

Was a sweet night tonight! We went to see the singer who has made ska credible again, we went to Lily, to princess Lily Allen! She is adorable, she is pretty, breathtaking,youthful with the great potential in her performance to be dazzling as opposed to fun. Who knew how funny Lily Allen was? She made jokes throughout the night like when she changed her clothes and she apologized for forgetting to wear her bra!!
Waving and winking and saying jokes, breaking into sexy dancing like she was flirting with boys at a club (she's hot) even having 2-3 beers after a long period of abstinence, we felt that she was our funny friend.

Lily kept it short, tight and sweet. She more than proved herself tonight.

I have plenty videos from tonight's gig but i'm so tired to do the editing now, so i'm gonna post it soon! For now here are some photos that i took tonight! She pretty, isn't she?

Since i came home i can't stop listening to this:

I don't want anything more
Than to see your face when you open the door
You'll make me beans on toast and a nice cup of tea
And we'll get a Chinese and watch TV
Tomorrow we'll take the dog for a walk
And in the afternoon then maybe we'll talk
I'll be exhausted so I'll probably sleep
And we'll get a Chinese and watch TV

Goodnight ^_^ zzzzzzzzz


Francisco Blanco said...

She is pretty, but you are wordenfull, gracias por describirme el concierto en la forma mas sexy y viajera posible, me transportaste y gracias a la musica de fondo, las imagenes son geniales y el escrito amo

unshaved bastard. said...

This is a really great song.
God your blog is so cosy and bright, it just draws a smirk on my face.


Don't La La Me said...

I saw her just 12 days after. She did the same where she came out with no bra on after doing an outfit change. She put on a wonderful show, and it is very true that it felt like she was one of my friends during the gig.

P.S. I love your blog.

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