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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Graham Coxon said recently: '' I love Peter When Peter is good'' and i really feel the same way.
I know Pete blew his last pennies on smack, rehab and more smack. I was shocked to read on NME (NME, 14 February) that was blagging cheeky fags off just about any French Man, woman and child (ok maybe not a child) in sight! I felt like sending him a teddy bear. The only thing i'll do though to help him is to buy his debut album and a considering expensive ticket (19 GB) to see him live in two weeks!

'Grace/Wastelands' is the debut album from Pete and it has contributions from Blur guitarist Graham Coxon along with Dot Allison. The album is set to be released in the UK on 16 March 2009, with the single ''Last of English Roses'' being released on9 March 2009. Here is the official video clip

Here you can downloaded six of the 12 tracks that got leaked into the internet. (fans can at least thank me)!!! Most of the tracks on the album have been about for several years and are well known by fans but until now have been unreleased.

''The new Peter Doherty is in fact Pete Doherty but Peter sounds much more grown up and less like a boy so fucked up on cheap drugs that you find him in your back garden of a morning trying to mount your watering can and crying because he can’t maintain his erection. The record sounds much the same as that''

I found this review somewhere, i don't remember and i saved in a word's document, but i forgot to write the reviewer's name (silly me). But whoever she/he is , is really very close to describe how the new album sounds. I want to punch Pete, not only because he is the biggest waster ever, but because he is the most intelligent song-writer in universe. I know people say: What A Pete Doherty, What A Fucking Pete Doherty, He pisses it all up the wall. He might be more famous for being a drugged-up wannabe burglar. But then again is the best lyricist ever.

These are my favorite parts of Pete's Prison Diaries:

January 30 I think I only needed something to hold on to. It has never been about depravity. It’s always been about melody. But melody and I met in many depraved situations. Meeting melody is the victory of the empty spiralling nightmare.

February 5 Am I ever so mistaken or—oh distraction from some demonic banging by a fellow incarcerated soul—is that the sun spreading its wares all over the looming wing? Can’t be much fun for whoever’s reading this. Basically the plot goes like this: I’m in nick and it’s doing me nut in and that’s it. The whimsical melody of an old film is of no consequence. Nor the inmate’s arm, bloody from self-inflicted scars, poking out of the cell to receive a nurse’s attention. For my own sake—because it feels like they have the power to cut off my head—I must become a hero, organise my life and obtain from it what they deny me. If I live, in order to continue to live with myself, I must have more talent than the most exquisite poet. These people can only put up with the tamed heroes—they don’t know about heroism.

Pete Doherty listened to 'Free As A Bird' by The Beatles every morning after being given a stereo for good behavior during his 29 days in Wormwood Scrubs. His obsession with the song was manifested in this illustration of a bird flying over the prison to escape - taken from his diary, exclusively given to NME after his release.

Yesterday i edited some of the nicest photos of Pete anyone can find on web, and made a video using one of my favorite songs ever which is included to Pete's new album. ''New Love Grows On Trees'' is one of the oldest songs here, which dates back to the days when the good ship Albion was still puttering along happily enough but fuels the myth of Doherty's and Barat's fatalistic friendship with the line "if you're still alive when you're 25, should I kill you like you asked me to?"

Despite the apparent chaos of his personal life, Doherty remains a prolific songwriter and performer the only thing he has to do now is to stay clean. And to finish with something totally randomish: Did you know that Pete lived for a quite period of time in Cyprus when he was a child! woooo!

Pete Doherty & Peter Wolfe for NME, 22nd April 2004.


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