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Friday, 20 March 2009

I have stumbled upon so much great stuff this evening .I have to say that people imagination's amazes me sometimes. Scanwiches is a site dedicated to scanned Sandwiches. I heard that in New York they have the best delicatessens, but someone coming across the idea to place their sandwich on the scanner, is way cool! Yes you see that even sandwiches have an artsy side. I might be moving to NYC, cause today i had one slice of cheese and ham sandwich from TESCO which is not fair at all!

Prepare to salivate:

While other people are being creative in their offices scanning sandwiches, some others are really funny! Watch this immediately. So good!

Talking about delicious stuff, yesterday i made for my flatmate an amazing, tasty omelette ( don't know if i spell it right, but i pick that way)! I have been making quite a few omelettes last months. Indeed, i may actually have made more omelettes this year, than in all of my previous years! (lol) .Look at me how successfully i am sliding the unfolded part of the omelette onto the plate! What a mission! Big Times!!!

I am realising that my post is full of America today! Have you seen the new episode of 30 Rock? Last night's episode (which i watched while ago), might was the best of the Season! I have been thinking to start writing a list with my favorite quotes of the show. I am daring myself, but then again, i am thinking that i'm gonna get bored man! Too many! Other thing that was brilliant about this episode Dr, Drew. I demand Drew and Tracy Jr of courset o become regular on the show and something else what that BFF thingy?? OMG I'm dying to know what it stands for!

Tracy: You're my Radar O'Riley, Ken. Now get in here and rub my feet until you hear a chopper coming.

Drew: That's it! I quit! This racket is a fart!

Drew: I didn't like it outside The Bubble, Liz. It was very ironic.
Liz: No it wasn't. That's not how you use that word.
Drew: Stop it. I want to use ironic however I want. I want to stay in the bubble.

Really difficult not to add a photo of OBama in this post:

Oh'Bama you sexy Devil! He is the coolest


unshaved bastard. said...

30 rock is AMAZING!
Such a wit.
Love it :)
"You guys are best friends for ever?!"


Nadsat Orange said...

Such a wit indeed u.b!

i reckon that BFF goes to 'BEST FUCKING FANTASY'' though heheh!!

Observer said...

i'm lucky enough to have a source of fresh eggs so i've almost mastered the omelet flipping :)

i have to start watching 30 rock asap i hear great things about that series and you just confirmed it

Nadsat Orange said...

chris mou eheis kotes??? lol!!! en boro na fantasto kuprio foititi stin ellada me kotetsi! an ishuei tetoio prama tha eisai o pio cool foititis stin istoria!!

to 30 rock rocks!!!

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